2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2023 holiday season has arrived! Are you looking for some fun, educational gift ideas for your family, friends, and coworkers? We’ve compiled a holiday gift guide for you! We know you’ll love the content AND the quality! All of our featured gift ideas were printed right here at CHG.

Brynn & Amir and the Magic Map by Anna Cook

Brynn and Amir don’t know what to expect for their group project … but they certainly don’t expect to be transported across continents. During the research, they fall into a strange map and are transported to Mexico.

They try jumping back into the map, but nothing happens. Amir thinks it probably has something to do with the assignment. 

Together, they’ll have to find a way back home before the map disappears and they’re trapped forever … and hopefully learn a thing or two about Mexico on the way.

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Offsides by Lori Z. Scott

Dani Stevens knew senior year would be something else—with her last season on the soccer team, the possible strain of losing a friendship, and crushes. But she didn’t expect to be on the lookout for a sex trafficking ring in her town.When a young girl in her neighborhood seems to be in trouble with a pimp, Dani will do whatever she can to find out what she can and get the girl safely back home.Unknown to Dani, there could be another predator on the loose. And if she doesn’t watch her back, she could become his next victim.

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Ricks Book Bundle by Rick Davis

Invest in your career!
It’s easy! Buy the full book set to cut your sales learning curve significantly and gain selling expertise.

Rick’s set will help you succeed in the difficult career of selling.

  • The Sales Secret teaches you tactics to gain and maintain sales momentum.
  • Sales Economics gives you the science behind selling to meet sales goals and manage your market more profitably.
  • Beat the Price Objection teaches you the tactics and a mindset to hold your price or negotiate more effectively to grow profitably.

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The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

The Secret of Chimneys is an annotated edition of Agatha Christie’s mystery and is just as exciting to read now as when the Queen of Crime penned the original in the 1920’s. The story whisks the reader off on a mental trip to faraway places (Rhodesia, the French coast, London, the English countryside) on a rollercoaster ride to determine whodunnit and why. The story isn’t just a murder mystery; it involves romance, royalty, political intrigue, imposters, and a stolen diamond. Adding to the enjoyment, the book offers enlightening bonus material about people, places, and things in Secrets.

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Far From Home by Mabel Ninan

Explore the intersection between culture, identity, and faith in this book by an earthly immigrant who gained a spiritual perspective.What is my purpose? Why do I exist? A sense of self and belonging are two questions many of us struggle to answer. Far from Home ;will inspire you to:

  • Embrace your identity as a foreigner on earth.
  • Make your home with God.
  • Find community and common purpose with fellow sojourners

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A Country of Their Own by Hope Bolinger

Priscilla is an old soul. Carter can’t wait to leave Florida, a haven for the elderly. Together they’re forced to do community service at a retirement home. But all the residents look like teenagers. Are they meant to bring together the lovable residents Scarlett and Paul—who are actually 80 years old? Or is it too late for them to find love?

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National Park Mysteries Series by Mary E. Morgan

Mary has a passion for traveling, especially to National Parks. She has visited forty-five parks, exploring and photographing each one. She shares “America’s best idea” with children through facts and mysterious adventures, hoping to create in them a desire to explore the parks for themselves.

  • Shark Tale at Mammoth Cave
  • Lava Chasers at Volcanoes National Park
  • Two If By Tea in Boston
  • Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon
  • Double Trouble in the Everglades
  • Snow Den at Yellowstone
  • Spies in Disguise At Gettysburg
  • The Face at Mount Rushmore
  • Stolen Treasures at Pictured Rocks

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Roosevelt Banks and the Attic of Doom by Laurie Calkhoven

With a new sister on the way, Roosevelt Banks is expected to give up his bedroom and move into the attic, which must be haunted because of all the squeaks and groans coming from the spooky place at the top of the stairs. After his plan to move into a fort in the woods fails, and a ghost-busting exercise goes terribly wrong, Roosevelt—with the help of Tommy, Josh, and Eddie Spaghetti—has to find the courage to defeat the biggest, spookiest ghouls ever and turn the Attic of Doom into a Room with a View.

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