Advance Reading Copies

Why the “buzz” about Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) and what are they?  Whether you are an author or a publisher, it’s important to know what an ARC is and how it can become a powerful technique to promote and market your books.

An advance reading copy is usually free and distributed a few months in advance of the release date.  They are normally sent to bookstores, book reviewers, journalists, and even a few celebrities.   They are also used as giveaways at trade shows and conventions such as BEA, ALA, or CBA Unite.

Here’s how you can utilize the marketing power of ARCs:

Book Reviews

Send influential readers copies so you can ensure reviews will be published prior to your book release.

Advertise and Promote

Traditional publishing houses commonly distribute hundreds of ARCs to entice indie bookstores and libraries to stock a book on their shelves.

Build Excitement

ARCs build excitement and anticipation prior to the book’s release.  Social media channels make it much easier for readers to share their enthusiasm and heighten anticipation.

Improve Content

ARCs are used to gain early feedback which allows time for edits and corrections.

Color House Graphics uses advanced digital book printing equipment to print ARCs.  We are able to print quantities of 50 to 750 copies within 3-4 days from receipt of your files and order.

Contact your Sales Representative for more information about ARCs.  Click here if you have a project and are ready for a quick quote.

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