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Whether you’re looking for emotional support, professional guidance or just some light reading, we’ve put together a list of recommended books to help get you and your loved ones through these trying times.

Savvy Women, Smart Choices By Marcia Vanderwoude

Do you want to understand the role that money plays in your life and how to manage financial matters wisely? Then you should pick up ‘Savvy Women, Smart Choices’ to read during your quarantine! 

The author, Marcia VanderWoude, draws on her own experience to illuminate the real-life vignettes of women struggling with money matters – some successfully, some not so.

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HELP! I’m Anxious By Philip De Courcy

We know there is a lot of worry in the world right now, but we’ve got a book to help! ‘Help! I’m Anxious’ is a mini-book which gently counsels those who tend to worry, or struggle with more serious symptoms of anxiety.

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Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing By Charlotte Digregorio

Writing can be a healing exercise, especially during these trying times. Take out your pen (or computer) and get to work! 

And while you’re at it, pick up Charlotte Digregorio’s ‘Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing’ to read a collection of healing poems and gain some guidance on how to write your own.

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Children And Stress: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Therapist By Marty Loy

Looking for some creative activities for your kiddos to help relieve some of the added stress during these unprecedented times? This handbook from Whole Person Associates includes activities that help children adopt healthy coping strategies, learn new stress management skills, and value the benefits of relaxation.

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Tears In My Gumbo: The Caregivers Recipe for Resilence By Nadine Roberts Cornish

To all of the caregivers out there – we see you & are so incredibly thankful for all that you do! 

If you know a caregiver that could use a little support & inspiration right now, we’ve got the perfect book! Tears In My Gumbo – The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience is a heartfelt manuscript that speaks personally and passionately to the 44 million caregivers caught up in the silver tsunami sweeping this country. The book illustrates the ingredients needed for caregivers to maintain resilience and create a soul nurturing gumbo of care.

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HELP! I Can’t Handle These Trials By Joel James

A small book helping people who are experiencing difficulties and trials. This books intended readers are

  • People going through trials and difficult circumstances
  • People who counsel those who suffer
  • People facing illness and pressure in life

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Loving Messy People By Scott Mehl

Life’s a mess. And nobody escapes it. Your life’s a mess. Your friends and family’s lives are a mess too.  This book is a practical handbook designed to equip you for each of the messy situations in your life and the lives of those around you.

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The Five Year Journal By Writing Your Life

The circumstances presented to us during COVID-19 will be remembered forever. Record your day’s events, thoughts, feelings, and such in this sturdy, hardback-bound journal. The top of each page displays the month and day and provides six ruled, quarter-inch lines for each of the five years. 

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How To Stay Healthy In A Toxic World: A Guide to Awareness, Understanding and Change By Rodi Alexander Friedman 

In a world that is forever changing and growing industrially, economically, environmentally, educationally, technologically and medically, we need to be better informed and stay updated on properly caring for our individual health needs and well-being.Health expert Rodi Alexander Friedman shares that knowledge with people around the country and that’s why she has compiled a book of crucial information you can apply to your everyday life.

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Little Kicker Books By Sandy Sprott

Parents have a big job these days! Little Kicker Books are a perfect tool to help parents (and grandparents!) teach children Bible-based values. The Little Kicker series offers story books, as well as chapter books, appealing to a large age range.

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