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Planning Your Next Print Project with Paper Shortages in Mind

It’s no secret that the paper industry continues to go through rapid changes. The toilet paper shortage may be in the past, but the printing paper segment is still experiencing longer lead times, short supply, and cost increases. Not only have print book sales dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic, but consumers are also ordering most necessities online – all of which need to be packaged and shipped. Paper and packaging supplies remain one of the most essential commodities, especially for the printing and publishing industry.

As challenges continue with supply chain shortages, price increases, and delays, many paper mills are reallocating resources to process more cardboard and materials for the packaging of commercial goods, resulting in less capacity available for printing paper production. And because we’re recycling more goods than ever before, we are putting diverse fibers, plastics, and chemical additives into the final product, resulting in a lower-grade paper quality that needs to have more virgin pulp. Each of these factors leads to less paper and longer lead times for the printing and publishing industry.

Color House Graphics has adjusted our paper inventories by finding new, creative ways to try and have the paper on hand as soon as a project is ready for press. We ask you to please keep in mind that the paper shortage will likely cause higher paper prices and high print lead times.

As you plan your next print projects, there are a few things that you can do to account for the supply chain changes. We ask that you:

  • Communicate your project requirements and completion dates as early as possible.
  • Plan ahead and be in close communications with your print supplier.
  • Specify paper based on grade and not the brand.

If you are looking for guidance through these challenging times, CHG’s print experts are always available to help you.

To learn more about our print services, you can visit this link. You can also request a quote here or contact your account representative with any direct questions.

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