A Case Study: Bakken Books

Bakken Books is a small, independent publishing company that focuses on the creation of wholesome books.

The Opportunity

Bakken Books provides kids with wholesome chapter books that teach character lessons, core virtues, and strong moral values. They strive to provide content that parents trust and kids love!

The Solution

Bakken Books has a large number of books in print, including five complete book series.

With a growing list of authors and titles, Bakken Books was in pursuit of a better solution for warehousing and order fulfillment. 

Color House Graphics knew the great value that they could offer to Bakken Books by combining services with their sister company, JPL Books, located just a short distance from CHG’s headquarters.

Working hand-in-hand with JPL Books, CHG helped Bakken Books save money and time in manufacturing and distribution.

Today, CHG proudly prints, and ships thousands of books annually for Bakken Books.

“Keeping all of our publishing needs in one place has been super convenient!”

Dylan Bakken, Owner & CEO

A Printing & Binding Solutions that Works

The Method

CHG’s short-run digital workflow has allowed Bakken Books to release several titles quickly, despite the supply chain crisis which disrupted printing solutions worldwide.

JPL Books collates and packs half of the books as soon as they are bound, assuring immediate pick-and-pack shipments are available within 24 hours of receipt.

“I highly recommend CHG! They take accountability when necessary and take good care of their customers. Pricing is very competitive and the quoting process is quick.”

Dylan Bakken, Owner & CEO

The Benefits

Short-Run Digital Printing

CHG’s digital printing capabilities achieve both speed-to-market and quality books across a wide range of formats.

PUR Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a widely used soft-cover book binding method.  CHG’s PUR adhesive offers a strong bond, less risk for spine cracking, higher durability, and the ability to lay flat. 

Fulfillment Services

CHG works hand-in-hand with our sister company JPL Fulfillment to offer cost-effective fulfillment services. Whether it’s one book shipped directly to a customer or bulk shipments to wholesalers and retailers, we have you covered.

Reliable, Trusted Relationships

CHG is committed to understanding your needs, budget, and print goals.  Our experienced staff works with you to fulfill all of your requirements. 

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