2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2022 holiday season has arrived! Are you looking for some fun, educational gift ideas for your young family and friends? We’ve compiled a holiday gift guide for you! We know you’ll love the content AND the quality! All of our featured gift ideas were printed right here at CHG.

The Brady Street Boys Adventure Series by Katrina Hoover Lee

The Brady Street Boys is a fresh adventure series with Christian values, set in the 1980s before cell phones. The main character has an artificial leg, so children learn about disability without thinking about it. It’s just normal for Gary. Each book has a light “fruit of the Spirit” theme. Book One is about love, Book Two about joy, Book Three about peace, and so on. Since there are nine fruits, Katrina plans to write nine books

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Sleepwalkers: Round One by Izzi Breigh

You know this pattern: Go to school. Go home. Go to sleep.

You know where school is, where home is, but where is sleep? Is it a place like any other? That secret has been long kept by the Sleepwalkers and hidden from the waking world. In the dead of night, the Sleepwalkers roam the Round, keeping children like themselves safe from the nightmares lurking in sleep. They have never lost one of their own… until now. 

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If I Can’t Be At Your Feet by Gunther Denali & Crystal Frakes Brown 

Gunther Denali is a rambunctious, well-educated, wise, inspiring, curious, and creative soul swirled into one vivacious black Labrador Retriever.  If I Can’t Be At Your Feet  is written from Gunther’s point of view and encourages us to live each day to the fullest, count our blessings, and play as hard as we can because tomorrow is promised to no one. 

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An Owlish Rescue by Diane Lessanu

Watch as two brothers play in the trees and during their game run across an Owl with a worried look on his face. While they take time to rescue Mr. Owl, they almost forget about Cousin Susie’s party, yet Momma creates the best party ever.

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Owen’s Seasons by Stella Gallagher

Owen’s Seasons is a wonderful story about plants, the humans that grow them and the relationship between the two. It is told from the view point of a sweet oak leaf and how he sees the world.

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National Park Mysteries Series by Mary Morgan

Mary has a passion for traveling, especially to National Parks. She has visited forty-five parks, exploring and photographing each one. She shares “America’s best idea” with children through facts and mysterious adventures, hoping to create in them a desire to explore the parks for themselves.

Books in the National Park Mysteries series include “Lava Chasers at Volcanoes National Park”, “Two if By Tea in Boston”, “Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon”, and more!

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Chess 101 by Dave Schloss

Learning how to play chess involves more than just knowing how to move the pieces. Chess 101, is a chess book for beginners that provides comprehensive chess training about everything a new player needs to know.

Chess 101 also contains over two dozen exhibits, designed to help you learn to play chess with ease!

It’s also now a recommended resource by the Boy Scouts of America for those wanting to obtain their chess merit badge.

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Moyenda and The Golden Heart by Nora Brooks Blakely

Meet Moyenda. He lives in a small village in a mythical country in Africa. Adopted by the village years ago, Moyenda is excited when he learns about a great prize. He hopes to find this wonder and bring it back to the people he loves. 

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Paisley’s Skating Adventures by Karen Barbee

Paisley’s Skating Adventures is a series of children’s books for ages 4 – 10, and takes place on a farm in Montana. Paisley’s love of figure skating inspires her to teach her farm animals how to skate.

Join the journey as the farm’s pond becomes a skating rink and Paisley becomes their figure skating instructor!

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Sea Lessons with Daddy by Melissa Fanning

Lessons from the letters my Father wrote me while he was out to sea. It shares family core family values. It will help give you examples and conversations to make family memories.

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The Fishing Chronicles Series by Lane walker

Each book contains a new adventure, main character, and life learning Captivate your kids to read more and get them excited about the outdoors with this 5 book series. Adventures from a river raft camping & fishing trip, to entering the local ice fishing contest in order to save the family bait shop. With an exciting new adventure in every book, we promise your kids will not be able to stop reading.

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The Night I Borrowed Santa’s Sleigh by R.B. Berkey

On Christmas Eve, a restless eight-year-old boy borrows Santa’s sleigh and takes it for a fun ride along with his dog. On the ride he learns the background stories of the other eight reindeer. After all, everyone knows Rudolph’s story, but what about the others?

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Paisley’s Skating Adventures: Birthday Celebration by Karen R. Barbee

Birthday celebrations are so fun, especially when Paisley and her farmanimals are planning a surprise birthday party! Join the gang as they prepare for a very special birthday. The farm is buzzing with activities, decorating, and even an ice skating show. Although a birthday party is the theme, readers will enjoy the whirl of activities and a few surprises that fill the pages of this charming book. Paisley’s Skating Adventures – Birthday Celebration, is a fun read, a great gift, and a keepsake, all in one!

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The Campground Kids Series by C.R. Fulton

Isaiah, his sister Sadie, and their cousin Ethan, The Campground Kids, will take you on a journey of epic camping adventures. Join this squad as they begin exploring the most loved National Parks encountering mystery, challenge, survival, rescue and more in this action packed book series.

This series contains five books.

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Why Can’t I by Diane Lessnau

In her latest book, Why Can’t I?, children see that dreams don’t have to be small. In twenty-two beautifully illustrated scenes and eleven stanzas of rhyming verse, young readers will see themselves driving a race car, flying in a spaceship to the moon, climbing a mountain above the clouds, riding an elephant in Africa, and crossing the Sahara on a camel. 

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