Paper Shortages

Planning with Paper Shortages & Price Increases in Mind

The availability of paper stocks continues to be limited. As we entered the new year, availability became even more unpredictable. Like other printers, CHG has a certain amount of paper allocated to us based on our previous usage. It is more important than ever to plan your print projects as far as possible.   Whether you are considering placing reprint or new orders, here are some ways you can help us get the paper you need for your next project:

  • Contact your sales representative as early as you can, preferably at the time of quoting, so we can begin to suggest available paper options that will match closely to your preferred paper type.
  • Verify your scheduled events and required delivery dates.
  • Send print files to our plant as early as you’re able. This lets us have some flexibility and may allow us to get your project on press earlier.
  • Be flexible with your paper selection and decide beforehand whether you can accept paper type and weight alternatives.
  • Limit your print quantities as much as possible; projects that require large amounts of paper could exceed our allocations.

There is a firm possibility paper prices will continue to increase through the end of the year. We suggest you plan accordingly with your team by anticipating final costs to be higher than the initial quote.

We continuously work with our vendors to secure paper, but materials are going quickly. If you have a project we can help with, please reach out so that we can help you plan for the best, most efficient, and most effective outcomes to support your business.

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