Managing Your Inventory

Digital printing has revolutionized inventory management. But why are organizations still overlooking the immense value that digital printing has to offer?

The traditional print method that publishers have used for years on end has been offset printing. Used for high volume print runs, offset printing offers the ability to produce high quality books at a lower cost per unit.  But many times the cost savings associated with offset printing are minimal because of the shipping and storage fees that organizations incur.

So how do you conserve costs and use your resources more effectively? With a small shift in how you manage the production of your books, you can continue to deliver quality products at an affordable rate, all while maintaining a lower inventory holding cost.

The Solution: Digital Printing

Digital printing is not just a way of printing books; it’s also a means for a new publishing process. With the elimination of printing plates, digital printing can produce short-runs faster than offset and at increasingly affordable rates.  And as a result of the speed and short-run capabilities, you can reduce your inventory.

While the overall cost may seem higher than offset printing, the differences are minimal.  When considering the storage costs and disposal fees of holding old or obsolete stock, digital printing becomes a front-runner for cost reductions.

CHG is here to help you create more effective production methods and help you reduce costs. Contact us today to see what we can do to help your publishing process become cost efficient and effective in today’s print world.

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